About Me

I’m a Seattle gal who loves food and blogging, among other things. I live in Seattle with my husband Grant and my cat Trumpet, in a lovely and foodie little neighborhood full of great restaurants, fantastic organic and specialty food joints, and urban homestead enthusiasts. I’m trying to get back to some good ole home cooking roots, using fresh, local, sustainable, healthy, happy ingredients. If you’re curious about other irons I have in the fire, visit my “misc” site/blog here, with links to all my other whatnots. Or you can go directly to my online dating consultation site, or my skincare and beauty blog.

Here’s a silly little FAQ for absolutely nobody ever. :)

Q: Why framboi.se? How come there’s a dot in there?

A: It’s called a domain hack. It’s shorter and cheaper than a full dot com, and it’s kind of my thing. And “framboise” is the French word for “raspberry,” created with a Swedish domain. Thanks to Sweden for allowing me to do this, and to France for coming up with such a delightful word in the first place. And the Internet for allowing such strange sorcery to be purchased for a small fee.

Q: So why raspberries?

A: They’re delicious and beautiful and healthy and wonderful! Seriously, they’re probably my favorite food in existence. They’re fresh, tart, sweet, nutritious, and decadent all at once. They encompass everything I love about food and cooking, and the giant raspberry background image always puts a smile on my face. And historically, most of my very favorite foods are red or pink, so they fit right in.

Q: So why French and Swedish?

A: Well, I do speak French, and I studied Romance linguistics in college. But the Swedish part is just convenience — my other domain hacks are from Uganda and Peru, countries to which I don’t have any real connection. A recent and somewhat famous domain hack is Despicable.Me, which utilizes a domain from the nation of Montenegro; and youtu.be, which utilizes a Belgian domain; and the link shortener bit.ly, which is a Libyan domain. There’s no rhyme or reason to the country as long as the top-level country code domain helps to spell out the desire word in the URL. I think Montenegro of .me fame is reaping in a nice chunk of change thanks to these vanity domain hacks.

Q: What makes you qualify to have a food blog?

A: Dude, it’s just a blog! I mean, everyone and their dog has a Facebook page these days. Why the heck shouldn’t I have one little blog like seven unnecessary blogs? I certainly can’t claim to be a “savvy” food blogger, nor an amazing food stylist/photographer—but I do enjoy my random food musings/blatherings, I like being able to share when I have a foodie triumph, and I find it humbling and amusing to share my failures. Plus, I really like to eat. But most of all, blogging helps encourage me to focus more on creating wholesome foods from scratch, and focus on creating a nourishing hearth for myself and my husband and someday our future family. So I pretty much just do it for me. :) (And so our relatives can see that the lovely kitcheny wedding gifts they bought us went to good use.)


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