Cooking Resources

Brining basics — I’ve been referring to this chart for basic brining ratios and times for years, and it’s never led me astray. Diamond Kosher salt really does work best.

Bob’s Red Mill — You’ve probably already spotted these products in the store, but don’t underestimate how very helpful this range is. Everything from gluten-free baking supplies to healthful baking alternatives or additives.

Conversions — Clotilde of Chocolate & Zucchini puts together lots of helpful linky guides. This is a good one. But you could also try smitten kitchen’s.

French-English Food Glossary — Clotilde helpfully put this together, and even though I speak pretty darn fluent French, there were some terms I’m not used to seeing on there.

Seafood Watch Guide — A helpful guide to figuring out which seafoods are the most sustainable and nutritious.

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