Gadgets galore

Every year for Christmas, one side of Grant’s family tends to shower me with culinary-related gizmos and gadgets. (His other side showers me with beauty gifts! All in all, I’m a lucky girl.) This year’s haul included a few notably different items, so it seemed an injustice to fail to mention them here.

The most bizarre-looking treat was the fusionbrands iceorb, a vertical ice cube tray/chiller/ice bucket all in one. The thing, as you can see, looks a bit like an alien space ship. Looking forward to testing it out, though — and it seems like these cubes would be released from the silicone a bit easier than more detailed silicone ice molds, which I always find trying.

And my very favorite kitchen item, pictured below, was a stack of personalized baked goody bags. Kind of an awesome way to (sorta) subtly get credit where it’s due, like when I bring cookies or muffins in to the office, heh heh. RECOGNIZE MY BAKING PROWESS! (And give me a raise!)

The rest of the haul included a cookie dough dropper, a champagne cork puller-outer, a powdered sugar sifter for decorating, a few soda can savers with little plastic caps to contain the carbonation, a jar of Penzey natural wasabi, a test-tube-encased vanilla bean, a set of holiday-themed molded sugar frosting toppers, a big snowflake cookie cutter, two strawberry-shaped Jell-O molds, a special little wooden tool to open our awkward oven door, a set of recipe cards, a Colts insulated cup (OK, that’s really Grant‘s, as are the soda things), and various themed wine stoppers and openers (namely, Christmas and LOVE with mega heart action).


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