Postpartum kitchen changes

When our recently born baby first came home from the hospital after a bumpy start to life, he was almost exclusively bottle feeding. Very quickly, the bottle and pump parts started to take over our kitchen!

Lots of friends and family were helping us out with various meal and household things, but one of the biggest boosts to our sanity was swapping our wine glasses out of our kitchen into some other cabinet to free up space for all those Medela and Dr. Brown bits and bobs. That was a huge quality of life upgrade. (We also shelled out for not one but TWO Boon Lawn drying racks plus three accessories, which helped a ton.)

Now Storm is starting solid foods. Some other changes have occurred: I shuffled around less-used items to make space for our InstaPot and our immersion blender to hang out on the countertop, and for our large Cuisinart food processor to live in a more accessible spot too. And our giant crock pot. All of these things have been super helpful in making purees for him, ESPECIALLY the InstaPot. You can pressure cook those tough root vegetables babies love in just a few minutes!

Anyway, this is a component of baby prep nesting that never would have occurred to me. Shuffle that kitchen around if you’re pregnant and dying for one more weird thing to exercise before your family grows!

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