Tweaked rich banana bread

I made this banana bread, also to rave reviews from Cassie and Brigittie in particular. I admit it turned out very nicely and super moist. No pics fanciness, but here were my deviations from the recipe, for posterity:

  • I doubled it, so quantities adjusted accordingly.
  • I added enough molasses so that it was like using dark brown sugar.
  • I used two big bananas and two tiny ones which I think are a sweeter species.
  • No walnuts, a tad more vanilla than called for, and my usual pinch of xanthan gum with the dry ingredients.
  • Added about 1.5 tsp cinnamon, 1/4 tsp allspice, 1/4 tsp nutmeg, and 1/4 tsp ground cloves.
  • Didn’t quite have enough sour cream, so I supplemented with about 1/3 cup leftover cognac-spiked vanilla-bean-infused sugar-sweetened whipped cream from Thanksgiving. Shut up; it worked great.
  • I wound up needing to bake mine for at least 10 min. longer than she called for.
  • If I did it over I might experiment with cutting back on the sugar. Didn’t seem like it truly needed it all, esp. with the richness of flavor that my other additions contributed. (No offense, dear anonymous Internet Janet! Your recipe was a badass base for my compulsive experimentation.)

Banana nut bread

I made my first-ever banana bread this weekend, since we had two squishy-soft fruits that my terrible no good very bad husband failed to eat in their prime. I loosely based it off this recipe, which had completely insane faults like directions that didn’t match the ingredients (with a note that said so) but I managed to improvise and it came out just fine. It also helped use up the sour cream from Thanksgiving — more leftover success!

I also divided up the batter so it wound up approximately 2/3 muffins and 1/3 loaf, because the only loaf pan I had was a teeny tiny toy-ish one from three toaster ovens ago. (Aluminum, too, but oh well.) They worked out quite nicely in both formats, but it was a useful reminder to me to always check the oven before the professed cook time is up — the muffins took less than half the time of the loaf.

I’m trying to learn a bit more about the chemistry of baking, so that my substitution guesses will produce better results. I *think* I’ve figured out that this recipe called for only baking soda but still rose because the sour cream was an acidic agent. We’ll go with that for now, anyway!