Shroom Envy

The other day, Smitten Kitchen posted a delish post on steakhouse-style garlic butter roasted mushrooms, and my mouth had been watering ever since. We tried to make reservations at The Met for New Year’s Eve and were told they were fully booked, so I decided to cook us a steakhouse-style meal at home, complete with said shrooms. However, circumstances happened to deliver me to Uwajimaya instead of a typical grocery, so I wound up grabbing Japanese brown beech mushrooms in addition to the normal crimini. (I also picked up a $5 black truffle, but that’s a whole other post!)

So I threw this together loosely based on sk’s recipe, though I failed to stir, threw in too much lemon juice, and probably overdid it on the beurre. That’s OK, though — we wound up forgetting to make bread (!) for the NYE dinner, so we saved the mushroom drippings and soaked them up with our bread the next day. Huzzah!