FeliƧ Diada de Sant Jordi!

Senyera SaladMy favorite of all Catalan holidays. Even better than the one that involves champagne, fireworks and pastries. Dia de St. Jordi is sort of comparable to our Valentine’s Day, except far richer in history, culture, lore, accuracy, and passion. So please indulge me with a ridiculously long post-holiday posting. :D

The real joy of it for me, though, is in the food! In addition to all the adorable festivities in Barcelona, all the bakeries and delis carry red-and-yellow-striped food, like the Catalan flag (or senyera). So I of course took this as a challenge to combine my love of cooking with my love of decorative edibles.

I’m not a whiz with Catalan food yet (despite Jen’s awesome birthday gift of a Catalan cookbook), plus I wanted to leave room for creativity. So I tried to stick mostly to foods that were Spanish or at least kinda Mediterranean. (And I botched the one truly Catalan thing I tried for — authentic allioli, in case you’re curious — but we *did* have Catalan cava on the table.) I started off with the pasta salad pictured above, which consisted of saffron ourzo, feta cheese, basil, cherry tomatoes (red and yellow, of course) and bacon. Continue reading “FeliƧ Diada de Sant Jordi!”