Whipping cream mystery

So I’d really like to get to the bottom of my whipping cream woes! I’ve briefly mentioned it before, but not in detail. Here goes: When I buy whipping cream from ANY OTHER natural happy hippie farm, it whips up just fine. But when I buy whipping cream from Sea Breeze at the farmer’s market, it WILL NOT WHIP.

Any foodies out there know the ins and outs of cream science? (For what it’s worth, I do always make sure it’s plenty cold.) I’m wondering if this has to do with some aspect of the homogenization process (or lack thereof), not that full cream should need that. Help. I do not understand the science behind it enough to know, but it’s happened enough now that I don’t think it’s a coincidence!

The ducks are laying again

I started trying out duck eggs a couple years ago, since my favorite farmers’ market stand would always sell out of chicken eggs by 8:30 AM. At first I was freaked out (largely because I can’t stand goats’ milk, so I’ve been paranoid to switch animals all willy-nilly!) but I soon discovered that duck eggs are delicious. And they’re also more nutritious in many ways, and they hold up better in baked goods.

So I was extra-thrilled to find out that Madison Market sells duck eggs — I thought I had to get myself to the farmers’ market to enjoy them. Sure, they’re kinda misshapen and weirdly colored, and they don’t even come close to fitting in those cardboard egg trays. But that’s part of their charm!

I think hard-boiled duck eggs are much more flavorful than chicken eggs. (Initially I was worried because the lying, mean Internet made me think they would change color. But, as you’ll note from my photo, hard-boiled duck eggs are just as white and yellow as ever.) And for some reason, chicken egg yolks sometimes gross me out, but duck egg yolks are creamy and rich and wonderful. I also think duck eggs work better in dishes like potato salad.

I’m thrilled that the ducks are back in action — I can finally start incorporating duck eggs into my cooking again! I just enjoyed a lovely snack of a hard-boiled duck egg with Barrique Chardonnay finishing salt — delish!