Fancypants salt

Trust me, this is nicer than our mid-moving shot.I’ve been idly wondering what the deal was with Himalayan Pink Salt for a while… we even made these Himalayan Salt Slabs our default wedding gift for certain friends for a while. But I’d never actually tried the stuff, largely because I only saw it sold in a coarse grain that seemed like it’d be annoying for actually seasoning cooked food.

But THEN, we got the weirdest wedding gift yet — some friends of my stepmother in law gifted us a gadget (or rather, a pair of gadgets) that we’d never even heard of before — these Cuisinart rechargeable salt and pepper mills. And now I had an excuse to try out some of that much-hyped coarse-grained Himalayan salt, plus some gray moist rich and mineral-flavored Celtic sea salt that was sold in the next bulk bin over.

The results? Um, first, I realized after loading up the mill that I’m probably not supposed to put somewhat moist salt into this electrical gadget. But I tried it, and my pink-and-grey cocktail is both delightful looking and delicious. (I wish I’d bought peppercorns too — I thought we had extra and we don’t! — but I think I’m going to contrast the blended salt with an all-black peppercorn selection, instead of the four-color mix we’ve been buying from Trader Joe’s. I have a feeling I’ll like the flavor better.)

Aaaanyway. We’ve now been welcomed into the world of salt snobbery and insanely unnecessary kitchen gadgetry — a bit late, sure, but there you have it! Guess I’ll go read up on the deets of my fancy pink salt now.