Will Bake For Food — Yummy treats, great cause!

I’m so excited. Historically I haven’t found much time for charity anything, but this year I’m starting to find some cool causes that are quite fun to celebrate. Not only am I attending my first ever charity auction gala this year, but I’m also participating in my first ever charity bake sale!

Will Bake For Food is an awesome event organized by two local food bloggers — they get Seattle-area culinary bloggers to bake scrumptious treats, which can be bought using donations of canned food. Win/win!

I won’t be present myself, but my chocolate chip cookies will be! And you can see my ridiculous pic ┬áto the right, or eventually on their site when they upload it here.

Feel free to link to the event to help promote it by using the badge to the right on your site. You can also follow them on Twitter at @WillBakeForFood, Like them on Facebook, or do whatever other marketing shebangery you choose!

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